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Abhinav Gupta

ECE Developer

Year Of Graduation : 2015

  • Round 1 Written Test

    Experience :

    This round was counducted in the auditorium. there were 46 techincal questions based on networking ,C++ and other CSE subjects. Time given was ample enough . Next were 20 quant questions which you had to do within 30-35 mins . Quant was difficult and i guess it always is at almost CAT level for wrritten tests for good companies. There was negative marking but in my experience do not pay much heed to it, if you have the slightest idea or can attempt by process of elimination you can score well . I never got anywhere with just attempting the questions i am 100% sure of ,because you end up attempting only 75% of paper.
    100+ students sat for this round and 23 were selected for the next round.

    This round was counducted in the t&p; hall . The time duration was 30 minutes and the question was :

    Create a structure for creating and adding polynomials of type 3.x^4.y^6.z^9 ( ^ is raised to power) .
    Only the structure was needed.
    Now create a function to add two of such polynomial lists. The challenge was to add terms coefficents only with same variable powers.
  • Round 3 Technical Interview

    Experience :

    The interview started with the question "Tell me about yourself". Then about explaining the code you wrote in previous round and then modifying the structure to use only a single int to store power of all three variables x,y,z.
    Next was disccussion on all projects undertaken in college and few techinal questions regarding typecasting and binding.