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Apoorva Aggarwal

Dual CSE Developer

Year Of Graduation : 2015

  • Round 3 Technical Interview

    Experience :

    There was one round of technical interview in which they asked in detail about all stuff done in 5 years. All projects done semester wise. Then they asked some basic questions related to working on linux systems and some basic commands.
    Then I was given a program of a web scraper to be coded in python language and sql lite db. Initially the problem statement was pretty simple and after doing it , they increased it by one level . After doing that too, again some things were added to make it a level up difficult. So this went on for like 5-5.5 hours( I know :P) .
    Since the problem statement could not be coded fully, I didnt get the offer then.They called me for internship at their office. Finally, after a week or so of internship, they offered me a role.
    Tips :

    Make sure You know everything on your resume. By everything, I mean every single thing. All projects should be on your tips. What,why,when everything. They see your learning curve in 4 years. Make sure you explain it well.