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Nancy Chawla


Year Of Graduation : 2015

  • Round 1 Written Test

    Experience :

    Medium Level written test(quantitative aptitude,logical reasoning,verbal ability).Passage based questions were time consuming.Many questions of logical reasoning section were based on "DIRECTIONS".
    Tips :

    Speed is one important factor that matters and the other one is practice.Practice as many questions but of different types and improve your speed by giving online tests(free of cost).
  • Round 2 Group Discussion

    Experience :

    There was no GD round for this.
  • Round 3 Technical Interview

    Experience :

    My interviewer was quite cool though i was interviewed for 1 hour 20 minutes ,gave me as much time as i needed to explain the logic/algorithm behind the program.Questions in the starting were simple like string reversal,palindrome but level increased a bit afterwards.He was more focused on logic than coding.
    I was asked to explain my JAVA project,internship project and some theoretical questions based on inheritance, polymorphism,abstract classes.
    Questions based on communication topics: Shanon Law,sampling frequency,QPSK were also asked.
    Tips :

    You should be well versed with the projects mentioned by you in resume.Confidently answer each and every question and confidently tell them even if you don't know an answer.

    Ask a relevant question before leaving the room.It'll surely have an impact!
  • Round 4 HR Interview

    Experience :

    It was hardly of 5 minutes.
    Basic questions:
    1)Tell me something about yourself which is not there in your resume?
    2)Why should we hire you?
    3)What are you leaving the offer in hand to join our company?
    4)Are you comfortable even if we send you to Bangalore or some other place?
    Tips :

    Again confidence is must along with communication skills.Better to be honest while answering.
  • Key Skills Tested

    Communication skills
    Basic programming
    Basic Knowledge of core branch
  • Books

    RS Agarwal:
    1)Quantitative Aptitude
    2)Verbal Reasoning
  • Websites