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Vanya Sahu

CSE Associate Consultant Financial Reporting

Year Of Graduation: 2017

  • Round 1 Written Test

    Experience :
    The level of the written test was bit above average. Questions on MySQL and aptitude were there. Probability conclusion permutations and combinations analytics were present in the written test. 27 were selected out of about 260 something students.
    Tips :
    You need to be good in analytics and should be able to write MySQL queries.
  • Round 3 Technical Interview

    Experience :
    Most of the questions asked were of MySQL and puzzles. Also projects were thoroughly discussed. Written test was also discussed both right and wrong answers.
    Tips :
    Just be confident and keep trying. They ll also help you guide you.
  • Round 4 HR Interview

    Experience :
    Talked about projects. General discussions about your expectations from company. More of a friendly talk. Also discussion of the written test.
    Tips :
    Just be confident and ask questions if you have any.
  • Key Skills Tested

    analytical skills


    se basic SQL queries study joins and basics of the language. Practise aptitude questions mainly that of probability reasoning PnC